STR812 replacement for telecom switches

Flash Card replacement for STR812 streamer

Avax now offers a plug-and-play replacement for the STR812 tape streamer that is used in older telecom switches such as the Northern Telecom Meridian / DMS series. For more information, please click here  

Flash tape replacement for Valitek tape drive

Flash based replacement for Valitek tape

Avax is pleased to announce a solution to upgrade Valitek drive units to use Compact Flash cards, instead of tape cassettes. Now you can make your critical backups using the most bulletproof memory storage media currently available. Eliminate the hassle and unreliability of using cassette tapes. For more information, please click here


Making WAN latency history

PORTrockIT family creates perfect networks on either side of the WAN, taking care of data movement, managing congestion and packet loss and practically eliminating latency for optimum performance and throughput.

MX2-U Universal Power Drive Destroyer

New hard drive destroyer combines manual, power and battery operation. Securely destroy drives using line power, built-in batteries of manual crank.