NSA Approved Hard Drive Destroyers

Manual & Motor Operated Hard Drive Destroyers

Model MHDD, MX2 and MX2-U

Model MHDD Manual Hard Drive Destroyer and the Model MX2 and MX2-U Motor & Manual Operated Hard Drive Destroyer were originally designed with emergency situations in mind where electric power may not have been available and quick destruction was a must.

With their low cost and versatility these destroyers are perfect for both the government and commercial markets where tight budgets are an important consideration.


    •  NSA/CSS Approved for Destruction of 1-inch, .65-inch, 1.65-inch and Laptop Drives
    • EXTREMELY Rugged & Affordable
    • Destroys HDD & SSD Drives
    • Used by DoD for hard drive destruction
    • The GREEN Solution – NO POWER Required
    • Compact, Light Weight & Portable – Only 45 lbs
    • Safety Door
    • Removable Debris Tray
    • FAST (8 seconds or less), SAFE & RELIABLE
    • Easy Hand Crank Operation
    • Rear Output Slide Option Available
    • Universal Mount Kit Available
    • Upgradeable to Motor Operation (Model MX2)
    • Transport & Storage Case Available
    • Rack-mountable Slide-out Shelf Available


Model MX2-U Universal Power Destroyer


    • NSA/CSS Approved for Destruction of 1-inch, .65-inch, 1.65-inch and Laptop Drives
    • Only Universal Powered Hard Drive Destroyer Available
    • Destruction of 1-inch, .65-inch, 1.65-inch and Laptop Drives
    • EXTREMELY Rugged & Affordable Design
    • Destroys 100+ Drives Under Battery Power
    • Internal Battery & Charger
    • External Battery Available
    • Battery, AC Wall Power & Manual Features
    • Destroys HDD & SSD Drives 
    • Ideal for use in Mobile Units, Embassies, Military Sites, Commercial Applications, etc.
    • Compact, Light Weight & Portable – Only 63 lbs.
    • FAST (10 seconds or less), SAFE & RELIABLE


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Media Destroyed All standard (1-inch, .65-inch, 1.65-inch) and laptop hard drives
Manual Operator Exertion Typical Commercial Drives (1-inch) – Approx. 4 lbs. exertion
Hardened (Heavy Shielded) (1-inch) – Approx. 12 lbs. exertion (differential)
Power Supply (with motor option) 100 to 250 VAC, 50/60 Hz (specify voltage when ordering)
Operating Time Approximately 15 seconds or less per drive.
MX2-HD Heavy Duty unit can destroy a drive in  2 Seconds!
Physical Dimensions 8″ W (13″ with crank) x 12″ D x 23.5″ H
Weight Approximately 35 lbs.  Easily transportable!
Destruction Method Bends platter, damages heads, motor and circuit board
Maintenance Occasional vacuuming of internal housing.  Optional debris cover available.
Warranty 1 year (1-year extension available).  Lifetime warranty on the bending mechanism.

For more information, please download a copy of the datasheet (MHDD & MX2)

Download a copy of the MX2-U datasheet

Video Demonstrations

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Hard Drive Destroyer

Destroyed drive