WANrockIT Self Configuring Infrastructure Optimized Networks (SCION) are unique products that release organizations from the constraints of distance, performance, throughput and cost imposed by the limitations of the current WAN technologies.

WANrockIT optimizes the underlying protocol and accelerates the data.

WANrockIT is available in a wide variety of configurations to fit your specific requirements.


WANrockIT series 50 is our new portable appliance Designed for Data Optimization & Acceleration on the go.

WANrockIT series 100 – Designed for Point-to-Point acceleration.  Capable of supporting up to 100MB/s with 1 protocol.

WANrockIT series 200 -Designed for Point-to-point acceleration.  Capable of supporting up to 200MB/s with 1 protocol

WANrockIT series 400 – Designed for Enterprises.  Supporting bandwidth of up to 1GB/s, with 8 WAN connections and 4 protocols simultaneously.

WANrockIT series 800 – Designed for Service Providers and Large Enterprises.  Capable of supporting up to 4.4GB/s with 12 WAN connections and 7 protocols simultaneously.

WANrockIT series 1200 – Designed for the largest Service Providers.  Supporting up to 4.4GB/s with 18 WAN connections and 10 protocols simultaneously.


For more information on any of our products, please contact our sales team.