WAN Optimization using artificial intelligence (AI)

Wide Area Networks (WANs) are a way to move large amount of data over considerable distance. But all WAN connections suffer from one major failing; LATENCY!

You send a block or packet of data over the network – and then you wait for the receiving end to get the data, confirm it is valid and send an acknowledgement that the data is received and you can send another chunk. The time taken for this to happen is latency.

This means that for a lot of time your network is doing nothing! WANrockIT and PORTrockIT resolve this problem by sending more blocks/packets while waiting for the acknowledgement and continuing to do this until the pipe is filled. AI software continuously monitors the network and adjusts the amount of data to ensure optimal performance.

For more information on WAN Optimization vs Data Acceleration, please download a copy of our white paper.

We offer two products: WANrockIT is designed to handle hardware protocols (Fibre Channel, iSCSI and SCSI) to the WAN with the option of protocol conversion “in flight”. This allows us to provide things like Fibre Channel to AWS Cloud.

PORTrockIT is optimized for a specific protocol. PORTrockIT is available today to work with FTP, REST, NetApp SnapMirror, NetApp SnapVault, Veritas NetBackup, IBM Spectrum
Protect and Caringo.

Models are available as physical appliances or virtual instances.

If you have any questions, please contact our sales team.