Flash Card based Drive replacement for systems using Valitek tape streamer


Flash tape replacement for Valitek tape drive


Process control systems such as -WFL Gmbh Machines, Index Gmbh Machines or Hembrug Machines (or any system using the Siemens 840C controller) use a long obsolete tape drive made by Valitek.

Avax now offers a solution to upgrade Valitek drive units to use Compact Flash cards, instead of tape cassettes. Now you can make your critical backups using the most bulletproof memory storage media currently available. Eliminate the hassle and unreliability of using cassette tapes.

The Avax-Valitek drive replaces the original tape drive in the Valitek enclosure and supports all the functions of the previous drive in a unit that has no moving parts.

Siemens WFL-840C tape controller


For more information, please download a copy of the data sheet or contact your Avax sales representative.