Purpose-Built, Hybrid Cloud Empowered, Physical Backup Appliances

Recovery Series

Recovery Series Backup Appliances

Recovery-Series is a family of 14 all-in-one, purpose-built physical backup appliances that provide cost effective, radically easy to use comprehensive data protection and business continuity.

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    • All-in-One Cloud Empowered Backup Appliance

      A scalable family of high performance, cloud empowered appliances that integrate purpose-built hardware, enterprise-class backup and recovery software with the cloud, providing end-to-end data protection and instant recovery from any disaster.

    • Industry’s First Use of Solid-State Drives (SSDs)

      Benefit from a 300% improvement in backup performance and a 125% improvement in recovery times from integrated tiered SSD drives included in all 1U and larger appliances

    • Recovery Assurance

      Instant recovery for VMware, Hyper-V and Windows, provides recovery of system and applications in less than 5 minutes. Unitrends Bridge™ adds single click P2V transformation to VMware or Hyper-V and Bare Metal Recovery can quickly restore servers, even to dissimilar hardware. Optional ReliableDR takes recovery assurance to the next level, automatically testing and certifying recovery of mission critical applications, local or in the cloud.

    • Free Hardware Forever – Pledge

      Counteract aging hardware and keep pace with new technology through Unitrends innovative Pledge program and never buy hardware again. Unitrends Pledge offers easy access to functional enhancements and hardware improvements every 3 years.

    • Best in Class Heterogeneous Infrastructure Support

      Easy-to-use data protection for physical, virtual and over 220 versions of operating systems, hypervisors and applications. The Unitrends Recovery-Series eliminates the requirement to expand staff time, money and resources integrating multiple backup and recovery solutions in order to meet diverse corporate data protection and workload demands.

    • Backup Everything

      Tackle the challenges of growing backup data and shrinking backup windows. Support for multiple backup types including file, application, operating system, and virtual machine infrastructures. Support customizable backup strategies, multi-server scheduling, and group management, application aware backup and bare metal recovery. Check out our Compatability Matrix to see the full list of what we support.

    • Cloud Empowered Backup and Recovery

      Tightly integrated cloud support, including Unitrends Cloud storage for long-term retention on Forever Cloud and rapid spin up of critical applications with Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) or utilize any supported hyperscale cloud including Google, Rackspace or AWS


Recovery Series

Recovery-Series is a family of 14 all-in-one, purpose-build physical backup appliances that provides cost effective, radically easy to use comprehensive data protection and business continuity.  Our award winning cloud-empowered appliances scale from 1 TB to 182 TB of storage capacity.

Features of Recovery-Series Appliances

        • Unified Data Protection

          Designed to fit any diverse IT Infrastructure – The Unitrends Recovery-Series appliances include a common D2D backup and recovery engine for simultaneous protection of virtual, deep virtual, physical, and unified compute environments with protection of over 220 versions of servers, applications, operating systems, hypervisors, and storage.

        • Flexible Data Protection

          The Recovery-Series provides the agility and flexibility to configure data protection to meet each organizations unique needs, including an intuitive scheduler, single server and multi-server scheduling and group management, allowing independent or similar clients to be grouped together in a single backup schedule. Granular and object level application consistency for Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, and more is also available.

        • Delivers Local and Cloud Archiving

          Local D2D2X (Disk-to-Disk-to-Any) archive support, including rotational disk, rotational tape, fixed SAN, and fixed NAS are available for data retention, cloud seeding and recovery. Additionally, the Recovery-Series can also archive to the Unitrends Forever Cloud for infinite retention, or to any supported hyperscale cloud including Google, Rackspace or AWS.

        • Includes WAN optimized replication

          The Recovery-Series combines global deduplication, compression, and 256 bit AES encryption in flight and at rest for secure byte-level data transmission, reduced bandwidth and security assurance of data at rest in the cloud.

        • Unmatched Performance

          Family of All-in One Appliances – Purpose built, preloaded and tuned to meet specific requirements, from the remote office to the enterprise. Recovery-Series appliances offer from 1 TB to 182 TB of storage capacity, 8 GB to 256 GB memory, and 2 to 16 CPU cores.

        • Integrated with an Enterprise design

          The 3rd generation Recovery-Series hardware is designed to increase I/O bandwidth, maximize deduplication performance, and manage growing data volumes and tight backup windows. Faster CPU clock speeds, AES-NI hardware encryption, hardware RAID, and the industry’s first use of solid-state drives (SSDs), yield dramatic performance improvements.

        • Includes Solid State Drive (SSD)

          Industry’s first integrated backup appliance (1U and larger) to include solid-state drives (SSDs) as a 2nd-layer read cache. As more backup data is processed, data is cached in SSD, speeding up read requests and increasing data I/O, addressing the challenges of growing backup data and shrinking backup windows.

        • Delivers near continuous data protection

          Schedule backups as often as every 60 seconds for world class RPO. Supplying near-CDP performance with up to 10,000 snapshots per week results in smaller backup windows and improved WAN bandwidth efficiency.

        • Provides adaptive data deduplication

          Adaptive Deduplication combines global byte-level deduplication and inline deduplication with source side deduplication (VMware), which reduces storage requirements by up to 95%. Global byte-level deduplication leverages all Recovery-Series job content (synthetic and incremental forever) and incorporates a content and context sensitive, variable block-size deduplication algorithm to speed up backups, optimize storage capacity and improve WAN data transfers. Inline deduplicates data on ingest before writing to disk, eliminating the need for landing the data before deduplication, which significantly improves capacity utilization. Combining Inline deduplication with in-place synthesis creates synthetic backups 5-10x faster from memory, freeing up critical backup resources while ensuring consistently fast recovery, backup, replication, and archiving.

6022TB1.1TBN/A1U Rack (short depth)8GB4/4
6033TB1,6TBN/A1U Rack (short depth)8GB4/4
6044TB2.4TBN/A1U Rack (short depth)8GB4/4
713S 6TB3.6TB128GB1U Rack16GB8/8
714S8TB4.8TB128GB1U Rack16GB4/8
814S12TB7.2TB256GB1U Rack16GB4/8
823S19TB11.4TB256GB2U Rack32GB4/8
824S25TB15TB256GB2U Rack64GB12/24
933S37TB22TB480GB3U Rack128GB12/24
936S73TB42TB480GB3U Rack256GB12/24
943S97TB63TB480GB4U Rack256GB16/32
944S122TB80TB480GB4U Rack256GB16/32
946S182TB118TB480GB4U Rack256GB16/32