Tape and Disk replacements for Rosemount Systems


With Legacy Computer systems such as the Rosemount RS3, problems can often arise when replacing Flash based disk & tape replacementold or worn out tape and disk drives.  Replacing and repairing old SCSI disk and SCSI QIC drives can be problematic. SCSICFDisk flash card replacement for Rosemount disk and tape

The SCSICFDisk and Flash-Tape can solve these issues. The SCSICF replaces the moving parts of a tape drive and disk drive with a low cost rugged Flash card , while emulating the legacy Disk or QIC drive to the Host on its’ SCSI bus.

The Rosemount RS3 SCSI controller has a single SCSI bus that is used to attach its disk (at ID5) and its Tape drive (ID4) at the ends of the bus. The Rosemount controller itself sits in the middle of the bus.  Both the tape and disk units are SCSI terminated.

The disk unit is preformatted so that an initial restore is not required.


  • A Virtual SCSI Tape or Disk Drive Emulation for Compact Flash card
  • Inexpensive flash cards replace hard-to-find tape cartridges
  • Emulates Rosemount tape and disk drives
  • Zero tape positioning times – useful for quick file positioning when reading the “tape”
  • Removable media can be treated as a single tape media
  • Flash disks provide very rugged media
  • Eliminates problems of slow backups and  “shoe-shining” of  the tape drive, which eventually leads to failures
  • Simple Plug & Play installation
  • A small, lightweight alternative to a real tape or disk drive
  • 5.25″ tray directly replaces the standard tape unit

Rosemount disk and tape replacement

For more information, please download a copy of the datasheet