STR812 replacement for telecom switches

STR812 streamer

Drive replacement for STR812 for Telecom systems

The now obsolete STR812 streamer tape drive used in older Telecom systems such as the Northern Telecom Meridian / DMS series use bulky QIC format tape cartridges, a custom RS422 interface and -48v power.

Avax now offers a replacement unit that uses Flash Cards to replace the tape cartridges iFlash drive replaces STR812n a self-contained  external unit that uses AC power instead of the -48V DC used by the existing drives. We connect it as a direct replacement on the original serial cable and connect AC. Once the Flash Card is formatted the Avax drive provides 100% emulation of the original drive- no hardware or software changes need on the host side

The Avax drive replaces the original tape drive and supports all the functions of the previous drive in a unit that has no moving parts whiles providing a more robust and reliable recording media.


For more information please contact your Avax sales representative or download a copy of the datasheet.