Avax International was founded in 1986. Very early on, we came across a new technology – the (then very new) Exabyte EXB-8200 8mm tape drive. From that point, our primary focus has been the providing of high capacity unattended backup for a wide range of platforms.

As the capacity of systems and networks has continued to grow, and the value of the data stored electronically has increased, the need to protect that data so that it can remain available after a disaster has become ever more apparent.

We now offer hardware and software backup solutions, both Avax products plus complimentary products from other major manufacturers, for :

  • PC systems and networks
  • Unix/Linux platforms (all major manufacturers) and networks
  • Tandem
  • DEC
  • Honeywell-Bull
  • NCR
  • Sequent
  • Stratus
  • and many others.

In fact, if you require unattended backup for almost any system type, Avax can probably supply it.

We can provide tape backup solutions based on 1/4″ cartridge, 1/2″ tape, 3480, 3490, 3590, DAT (Digital Audio Tape), 8mm, LTO or DLT (Digital Linear Tape) with QIC, Pertec, STK, SCSI, iSCSI, SAS or Fibre Channel interface.

We carry high performance intelligent tape library systems based on LTO drives, plus a wide range of refurbished drives and libraries using older (but still perfectly usable) tape formats.

We also offer tape and disk emulation units based of Flash Cards, for a wide variety of platforms, particularly process control systems like Honeywell-Measurex and Rosemount.

We provide protocol bridges that will allow you to connect iSCSI, SCSI, SAS and Fibre Channel sources and devices. We also have units to securely encrypt data on tape.